The EverUpdate Software Update Framework for Windows provides a comprehensive solution for patch and update-enabling your end-user applications. Everupdate provides support for embedding software patch and update distribution installation in your app
Hosted Apps
Hosted Applications

In the process of exploring various technical problem domains and ASP.Net capabilities, and in order to demo certain products, Practical Apps hosts two different Saas (Software as a Service) applications developed by Owner/Manager, Andrew Coulson.

EverUpdate Manifest Administration

The EverUpdate Manifest Administration is a web-based application for managing the server side of EverUpdate - a full-featured, open-source patch and update management framework.

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EverUpdate updates/patches consist of Manifests, which define the components to be installed as part of an update. Management of the Companies, Application, Manifests, and related items is addressed via this web-based administration console. Update/Patches are, in turn, served from the same server via a related Web Service. is a free, web based, public SaaS application for sharing vacation or other properties between groups of friends, family or other individuals who share something between themselves and need a scheduling/booking/approval system to manage it. Essentially, it is an application for managing each persons slice of the pie :-) is based on PropShare, an open-source project now hosted on SourceForge.

With ParcelPie A Property is typically a house, cabin, timeshare, or other form of real estate that you share with multiple people or families, but it might be some other form of shareable property, like a boat or RV. Properties contain 'Slots', which represent portions of that Property that can be used or occupied (reserved). For example, a beach house would have slots that represent bedrooms.

In addition to specifying some basic attributes of a given Property (name, description, location, etc.), it is possible to specify which other ParcelPie users have access to it. Other ParcelPie users can be identified as merely authorized to request the use of Property Slots, or thy can be Property 'Administrators', who have the authority to manage the Property.

A 'Workflow' may also be defined for the Property. A Workflow allows you to define a series of approvals that must occur before any reservation request gets final approval.

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