The EverUpdate Software Update Framework for Windows provides a comprehensive solution for patch and update-enabling your end-user applications. Everupdate provides support for embedding software patch and update distribution installation in your app
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Support Overview

Practical Apps currently provides several support channels. Upon purchasing a full license of one of our products, you will automatically receive 30 days of free ticket-based support. Free products are not eligible for guaranteed support options.

Open Forums
Open discussion forums are available for use by anyone using or interested in Practical Apps products. The open forums include open discussion forums, as well as forums containing FAQs published by Practical Apps Solutions. While we make no guarantees about reponding to messages posted in the open discussion forums, Practical Apps staff do monitor them, and may respond to questions posted there if they are not answered by the community in general. It may be useful you check the forums before exploring other avenues of support. It's posible that your issue may have been encountered and resolved by another forum participant.

FAQs are provided for each of our products. Look here first for general implementation hints, system requirements, etc.

Knowledge Bases
We maintain Knowledge Bases for each of our products. There you will find detailed articles about specific implementation issues, common problems, etc. Check the knowledge base for your product before opening a ticket, as your problem may be one that has been encountered before and we may have created a knowledge base entry on the topic.

Support Tickets
Customers who purchase a full license of one of our products receive 30 days of free support. During that period, report any issues via our Support Ticket form to receive a guaranteed response. Following the expiration of your free 30 days of support, you can still receive guaranteed support for some products via the purchase of Support Ticket packs, or by paying for tickets on a case-by-case basis. Purchasing support ticket packs may be more cost effective. Tickets expire when we cease to support the version they were issued against, although we will honor them if an upgrade is purchased for the corresponding product. Support Tickets are not available for Shareware and Opensource products.

Premier Support
For additional support contracts past the complimentary 30 days included with your purchase, product customization, enhancement, or implementations help, or other premier support arrangements, contact