The EverUpdate Software Update Framework for Windows provides a comprehensive solution for patch and update-enabling your end-user applications. Everupdate provides support for embedding software patch and update distribution installation in your app
Patch Management

Patch & Update Management
EverUpdate provides a simple component that you embed in your applications to instantly enable robust patch and update management capabilities. Everupdate provides support for embedding software patch and update distribution installation in your app. Via simple API calls, you can cause your application to check for available patches or updates. You can even use the included ‘update daemon’ as-is to place an update checker in you end-user’s Systray.

Diff & Compare
A key focus of Practical Apps is the development of Diff and Compare components and products. Our deep knowledge of difference algorithms and application design enable us to provide components that greatly reduce your effort if you are developing programs requiring diff functionality.

Over the next weeks and months, we will be rolling out new desktop applications - including CompareMate, our document compare and red-lining app.

Utilities & Controls
EverLicenseX is an extension for the Xheo|Licensing offered by XHEO ( that expands the options available to you when protecting your .Net application components using Xheo|Licensing using "UnlockBySerial" licenses.

EverScript is a .NET control that allows the developer to easily add JScript.Net and VBScript function invocation to their own .Net programs. Script functions can reside in .js or .vbs files, which can be loaded or execution time, or can be provided dynamically in a string which holds script source code. This allows many different options when writing client code around the control..

Our eCommerce line will consist incremental releases of applications and modules intended to vastly simplify the process of developing .Net - based ecommerce websites. At Practical Apps, our software engineers have broad experience in developing web-based commerce applications. We intend to apply that experience to develop modular components that do all the "hard stuff" for you, you just plug them into your ASP.Net pages and go!

Look for our PayPal integration control, EverPay, first - to be followed by a broad eCommerce framework, EverCommerce. It will then be possible to build on top of EverCommerce with plugable modules, like a Catalog, Shopping Cart, Order Tracking, Support Forums and Issue Tracking & Resolution.

Some of our development efforts have led to small applications which, while not related to our strategic focus, are nevertheless useful.

We offer some of these applications as shareware. Try them if you like, and feel free to distribute the original distribution package to other sites or shareware repositories.

We even offer some components for free!