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CompareMate V1.1

Practical Apps is proud to announce the new Beta v1.1 release of our end-user application for Document Compare and Red-Lining, CompareMate! Perform red-lined document comparisons via a simple, user-friendly interface!

For the time being, we are offering CompareMate absolutely free. That's right, we're inviting you to download CompareMate and use it as-is for free for up to six months!  All we ask is that, at your convenience, you leave us feedback in our public forum about how we might improve on the product.  We also reserve the right to begin charging for future versions of CompareMate.

Features include :

  • Does not require Microsoft Word or Office (unlike competing products).
  • CompareMate is Fast! Choose between two highly-optimized algorithms when comparing documents to obtain the best performance for your document characteristics.
  • Compare documents that are stored in .doc, .rtf and .txt format.
  • Compare documents of different types.  For example, compare a Word document to a RTF document.
  • Easily see differences in the two compared documents in a side-by-side view.
  • View a redline representation of the differences between the two compared documents.
  • See relative positions of differences in the compared documents using the diffbar feature of the program.
  • Navigate through differences in the compared documents using VCR style buttons or by clicking directly on the color coded diffbar.
  • Customizable user options for difference coloring and highlighting.
  • The ability to save opened documents in several different document formats.  This applies to the redline document as well.
  • Pattern recognition technology is used within the program to ensure that differences detected in the documents are rendered in a visually intuitive way for display to the user.
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EverDiff v1.0

EverDiff v1.0 is a native .Net control for performing diff and compare operations between files, strings or even objects. Accelerate the development of your own Diff-related applications with this easy-to-use control.  EverDiff includes complete Visual Studio-integrated documentation and sample code.  Synchronous and asynchronous versions of the control give you plenty of flexibility in how you design your applications.  Two version of the internal algorithm are available for use, depending on the type of data being compared.  A sample forms-based app illustrates the various uses of both control versions.

EverDiff is available in Basic, Pro, and Enterprise versions - click here to find out more! 

Check back shortly for EverDiff.J, our Java implementation of the same powerful diff control.

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