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My name is Andrew Coulson, Owner and Manager of Practical Apps. If you are looking for general J2EE or Web Application project consultants, you don't need me or Practical Apps - there are dozens of consulting groups who are probably perfectly adequate at that kind of work. But if you are looking for help from people with deep, solid specializations in the following areas, you should contact me.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Content Management - Deep experience with Vignette V6, MCM & V7, ATG, Open Source, and custom technologies. Experience with full Content Management project lifecycles, from requirements definition and content modeling though design, build and deploy phases.
  • J2EE Portals - Experience developing under a variety of Portal frameworks, including Vignette, JBoss, Websphere, JSR 168 and 286, as well as Drupal and custom J2EE or .Net solutions.
  • Search Integration - System Integration experience with numerous search engines.
  • BIRT (Actuate) Reporting - From BIRT report design to integrated reporting solutions that include online delivery of report in HTML, PDF and Excel formats with full access control.
  • Assistance implementing Practical Apps components - From building a commerce site using our PayPal components to integrating complete, automatic patch and update capabilities into your .Net desktop app, we can help.
  • With Practical Apps, you will not just be getting a contract developer who worked in one of these technologies on some project. You will be getting seasoned, experienced individuals with solid, proven expertise in these areas and a proven track record of delivering on projects like yours.

    I bring 25 years of experience to consulting engagements, including eleven years in web application development in these specific areas - that's longer than most contractors have been working in software.

    While I will be the cornerstone of any consulting engagement, Practical Apps also represents a loose affiliation of top-notch technical consultants - all of whom are the best of the best that I have worked with in my various roles over time. I can assess your situation, ensure that your requirements are clearly and adequately documented, design a solution, and guarantee its delivery. If your staffing requirements warrant it, I can draw from this pool of diverse individuals, all of whom have strong consulting background. I can deliver a productive technical team tailor-fit for you problem domain.

    Feel free to contact me for more information:
    (512) 553-5254