The EverUpdate Software Update Framework for Windows provides a comprehensive solution for patch and update-enabling your end-user applications. Everupdate provides support for embedding software patch and update distribution installation in your app
Patch Management
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Practical Apps is proud to introduce EverUpdate, a complete solution for update-enabling your end-user applications. Now there is no need to invest countless man-hours developing custom update facilities for your .Net end-user applications. EverUpdate provides a simple component that you embed in your applications to instantly enable robust patch and update management capabilities.

Features Include:

  • Ability to define an update “Manifest” which contains Manifest items.
  • Each Manifest Item is one of several “Deployment Types” : File, Assembly, Registry Entry
  • Support for additional Deployment Types in the future.
  • Support for Add, Replace & Execute of File deployment type
  • Support for Add & Replace of Registry Entry deployment type
  • Support for including custom Installers that comply with the .Net Installer architecture
  • Compatible with software installer packages that generate executables
  • Support for update of locked files (requires reboot)
  • Supports defining patches based on Application name, version and patch level
  • Optional, configurable prompts for: checking for update, prompting before downloading, prompting before applying, success notification
  • Optional failure notification
  • Pluggable interface for custom prompts/notifiers with default implementations.
  • Ability to require reboot
  • Logging of update activities
  • Includes a simple client library (assembly) for easy integration into existing apps
  • Simple setup program installs all components and samples
  • Compatible with software installer packages
  • Includes sample applications (with source):
    • A stand-alone, generic client application
    • An update daemon that runs in the windows SysTray and checks periodically for updates – can be used as-is with simple config changes

 Main concepts

EverUpdate consists of a client library, an administrative web application (site) for managing patch manifests, and a hosted patch download Web Service.

The client library is part of the EverUpdate SDK, which is installed by the trial download setup program. After installing the EverUpdate SDK, you will have everything you need to update-enable your custom application. You can integrate the update functionality directly into your application by adding simple calls to the client library API. You can even use the included ‘update daemon’ as-is to place an update checker in your end-user’s Systray.

You define patch or update manifests via the simple administrative web site. Manifests contain Manifest Items, which can be files, registry entries, custom install assemblies or setup executables. Manifest Item files are uploaded to the site from your hard drive via an easy-to-use multi-upload interface. Demo the Admin Application

Finally, patches are delivered to the client via the web service, which is typically located on the same server as the administrative web site.

Customizable Client Behavior and Look

The EverUpdate SDK supports the ability to easily modify the basic behavior of the patch and update isntallation process.  By simply modifying your applications EverUpdate config file (using the included ConfigManager tool), you can control whether the use is prompted before checking for, downloading, or applying a patch, and whether they see a success notification. 

The standard prompts include in the EverUpdate are very basic in behavior and contain no branding. For more advanced behavior, you develop and register custom prompts designed with your own look-and-feel.  Callbacks during the patch download and application process provide support for features like custom progress bars.

Hosting Models

We offer hosting under a SAS model for the update server, or you can host your own EverUpdate server, which requires IIS and MS SQL Server. Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of the SAS model or if you'd like consulting assistance implementing your own server.

If you register for EverUpdate, an account will automatically be created for you in our hosted Admin site. You will be able to create Patch Manifests limited by size and number of components for testing purposes.  


The EverUpdate client component and sample applications run on Windows XP or 2000 operating systems. 

EverUpdate relies on Microsoft's .Net Framework Version 1.1, which may already be installed on your computer depending on your OS version.

The EverUpdate Administration site and update Web Service will require Microsoft's IIS and MS SQL Server.

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Datasheet (PDF) | Docs | Screen Shots | Support Info | Download Trial                     

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